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Support this station and listen ad-free with Live365 Preferred Membership!

The Rhythm of the City is on the air!!!.....Check us out by clicking the link below or by opening up your itunes player then go to Radio and look for us under Electronica. We're on 24/7 and best of all, IT'S FREE!!!!....Listen at Home, Work or School.....Below is a listing of the last 10 songs played...Spread the word, B91 is back and this time it's world wide!!!...Want to request a song? Send us an e-mail ( and let us know what you want to hear....Hate the commercials we have to play? You can skip them by becoming a Live365 VIP Preferred Member. To become a member, click the link on the left side of this page and you won't have to listen to commercials. Your support helps keep us on the air. Want to Advertise on this site? E-mail us for more information. Don't forget to vote "Thumbs Up" or "Thumbs Down" for the songs you like or dislike on your player. By doing this you become a part of the station telling us what you want to hear.

Recently Played (Regular Stream)
B91 The Rhythm of the City

Recently Played (VIP Commercial Free Stream)
B91 The Rhythm of the City

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Here are some listener comments:

OMG!!! Is this the legendary B-91...great station! broke a lot of big records!! great job! - Tolga (Recording Artist/Producer of some of the biggest Dance Hits ever)

I don't think you guys have any idea how much your station means to me.... I grew up with u guys..... u always had the hottest **** out there....I'd go crazy adjusting my antenna trying to get the reception - Monica

Listen up Radio Stations in New want to support dance music and make lots of money doing it...listen to B91 and find out what's missing from dance radio. B91 Forever. - Tank Martinez

<3s to B91. I wish this station just took over for KTU already. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. - ~dAncE4lIfE~

hola B91, wish we had a station like yours here!! xoxo Tricia

Wow B91, I grew up listening to that station with Bobby Bee - Weezy1

Your radio station brought me back nothing but great memories. Thank you. :) - Jacqueline

I love the music you are playing! Brings back so many memories! Love, Diana

You guys rock! - Erica

WOW Look at all the fans and Industry people that listened or "worked" at B91 - Montage Music

great music!!!!!!!! - Trish

B91 THE RHYTHM OF THE CITY!!! I grew up in Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn and I used to listen to you guys back in the day!! Joe Cool, Lightning Lou....oh my god those guys were great!! LOVE YOU GUYS - Joey Alvarado

B-91 is what kept us {students} from rocking the cafeteria in Kingsborough ...we had some great times , thnx for the memories. The antenna in my house was stretched out about 5 feet just to get your station lol. - Ciao Roe

B91 was a time and a place and more then the best dance music ever . B91 was Our Family it's how we reached each other with shout outs . Every Voice personality made you feel like you belonged . - Dov

OMG u guys rocked. me and friends would call you up like mad when we were bored and give shout outs and requests and you NEVER disappointed. WOW the memories. - True Love Does Exist

WOW, B91.... I grew up listin' to you guys.... what memories!! - Rob Dale

Sound good to you? Stop by and give a listen to the most talked about Dance Music Station in the Nation!
21 years and still bangin' out the beats!



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